Event FAQ

What Games will you be playing?

Whatever people bring! Cruise lines generally allow two suitcases, so you can pack one with clothes, the other with games! 

In all honesty, we like a mix of games, from lightweight to heavier strategy, and we'll be bringing some of our own games in this range.

We have a list where people are listing the games they're bringing and where you can express interest in those games here

Where will we play?

We just play in any space we can find. There are a few bars, cafes, and spaces we could potentially use.

We can play in the Atrium, or in any of the restaurants and bars as long as you order food or a drink (please avoid playing in the restaurants at peak times). The Pantry space looks to have the perfect board game tables. 

When will we play?

We will be arranging places and locations for people to meet up on each day of the cruise. Finding a suitable place to location is up to you, as different games have different requirements, however we recommend The Pantry as it has the best tables and is indoors. 

We know everyone works to a different schedule and we hope that people will be able to self-organise what they play, when, where, and with whom on top of the meetup times we organise. We recommend you pre-plan some games in advance on either our Facebook page or our BoardGameGeek guild page.

Do I have to book through P&O?

Yes. In order to join the group booking you will need to book through P&O directly. 

This gives you access to the $50 credit, the group dinner, and allows us to keep in touch whilst you are on board.

Being part of the group booking also enables us to ensure there is an event next year as there is a small benefit for the organiser that offsets the cost of setting up and maintaining this website, ordering the wrist bands, and organising the group events. 

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely! There is quite a lot on board the cruise ship to keep everyone occupied even if they're not into board games. We suggest you also check out the information about travelling with children on the P&O website.

Why are you doing this outside of University/School holidays?

Unfortunately those periods cost significantly more with the cruise lines. I'm hoping for future events we may be able to plan far enough in advance to offset this cost, but unfortunately not for 2018.

I can't make it this year, will you be doing this again?

YES! We're planning a shorter cruise for next year, with dedicated gaming space. 


Cruise FAQ

Are Food and Drink included in the cost of the ticket?

There are multiple restaurants on the ship, some of which are included in the cost of your ticket, and other high end restaurants which can be paid for individually. You can buy a soft drink package, and/or an alcoholic drink package, and depending on how much you drink, these may or may not be good value. We will definitely be getting the soft drink package. We've found a good review here, and you can get an overview of the ship here.

I have other questions about Cruises/The ship/Whats available/costs....

I've found the best two sites to research information about cruise lines, the specific ship we will be travelling on, and specifics around cruises are Cruise Critic, and the P&O Website itself.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. You will need to also ensure you have at least 6 months validity on it. 

I'm travelling alone. Can you pair me up with someone?

No, sorry. We suggest you log onto BoardGameGeek, or Facebook and try to find someone who is looking to share a room and then book together. 

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend you purchase appropriate international travel insurance. If you do not purchase travel insurance, you will not be able to claim for any cancellation charges, medical costs, repatriation and other expenses that may arise if things do not go according to plan. We accept no liability for lost, damaged, or stolen games, or any incidents you have during the cruise.